Official Name: Nightwatch
Team Aliases: NW, Nightwatch, Miami Shadow Justice, Gator-Land Kids, The Brat Squad
Status: Active
Team Identity: Public
Universe: (New Earth)[1]
Base of Operations: Kelly Institute, ‘Metahuman Research Center’, Miami, Florida
Current Members: Abaddon, Uriel, Samedi’s Envoy, Feral, The Weatherman, Razorspark, Troll, Belladonna, Glitch, Abba (Abby Strandford)
Former Members: Mesmer
Allies: Dr. Evan Kelly, Archangel, Smoke
Enemies: Russell Richards, The Syndicate, Paragon, Faith Sylvanis, Dr. Dio, Justin Parr, Dr. Johnathan Creed, Bargest, Renegade, Los Ojos Rojos, Bluescarves, (Too Many To List Them All)

"We're mostly rejects--and...Well, we kinda like it that way because we don't have a lot of expectations to live up to. We're more...down and dirty with the earthy and human stuff, I guess. We aren't perfect, we’re not known…but we're there when we’re needed. We're guardians of our city…and it doesn’t even know us. We're the Nightwatch." - The Weatherman



“Every city has two hearts; one light, one dark. We’re part of its dark heart, but we expose its complexity. In the heart of the city’s darkness, we are the ones that see its dirty little secrets.” - Feral

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  1. Technically speaking. Wasn’t sure what else to put there.