Quotations by Glitch

“Glitch!” – Glitch

“Humans smell weird.” – Glitch


“I’m sorry. I wasn’t supposed to say that. Dr. Kelly says I should stop listening to Ryan because I’m learning too many bad words.” – Glitch

“That guy is greener than I am.” – Glitch

“Can’t now, world to save!” – Glitch

“BRB, homework to do!” – Glitch

“Please don’t baby me. I’m a child but I’m still more intelligent than you are.” – Glitch

“Get him guys! He’s the reason my cartoons were canceled!” – Glitch

“What is it that humans say? ‘Home is where the heart is’. I like that. I think it’s true, too. I miss Jorumgard but now my life here. My friends are here. My heart is here.” – Glitch

“I don’t get you humans.” - Glitch

“I’m not a dinosaur! I’m an alien! Raaaarararaaaar!” – Glitch

“He looked like an idiot to me.” - Glitch

“Lying is bad. Even a child knows that. I still don’t understand why grown-ups do it so much.” – Glitch

“When I grow up…I am so not gonna be an astronaut.” – Glitch

“Troll…what’s a prick?” – Glitch

“You wait till Abaddon gets you, pal. You’re in for a world of hurt.” – Glitch

“Be quiet or I’ll spit on your face.” – Glitch

“Is anyone going to get me my lunch?! I’m busy here!” – Glitch

“Ashley, what does being a ‘bad influence’ mean?” - Glitch

“What does that mean?” - Glitch

Ryan: Come on Glitch, watcha got for me?
Glitch: Nothing.
Ryan: Nothing? I’m having trouble believing that. I thought I was talking with the King of the Cyber-World.
Glitch: Well, unfortunately you’ve been redirected to the King of Too Bad.