Andrew Coltrane
Andrew Coltrane
Stats and Attributes
Real Name: Andrew Coltrane
Current Alias: Andrew Coltrane
Aliases: Buzz Man
Identity: Public
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: Private Florida TV channel
Relatives: Unnamed parents

Unnamed spouce

Universe: - (New Earth)[1]
Base of Operations: Miami, Florida.
Gender: Male
Height: 1.80 m (6' 10")
Weight: 99 ( 218.26 lbs)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blond
Place of Birth: West Virginia
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: TV reporter
Education: College student; High School graduate.

"I'll do anything for a good story. Morals and journalism just don't work right. Someone's gotta bend and it sure as hell ain't going to be journalism." - Andrew Coltrane


Not much is known about Andrew Coltrane's life before he arrived in Florida. Allegedly he is a Journalism graduate of the University of Columbia and had a 'tryst with Yale' but found himself working in a TV station in Miami instead.

Andrew is extremely devoted to his profession, to the point of becoming overbearing and even obsessive. Usually covering police-related stories or political scandals, Coltrane has made friends, enemies and fans all in a span of less than 5 years. His unashamed social commentary and his propensity of exposing the truth--as painful as it may be and disregarding people's feelings-- have made him popular with certain audiences.

Coltrane's most recent point of interest is the group of 'super-brats' that has appeared in Miami, fighting crime as super-heroes and vigilantes. Coltrane's first contact with this world came during the infamous B.O.W incident, when dozens of monstrous creatures rampaged from Miami after an accident in an illegal genetics lab, maintained by a branch of the US Military. Coltrane witnessed the appearance of two young men with extraordinary powers fighting along the SWAT and Special Forces to subdue the creatures.

Already fired up from commentary of the urban warfare and fascinated by their resemblance to an angel and a demon, Coltrane jumped the gun and claimed to know the identities of the two heroes, dubbing them "Uriel" and "Abaddon". Little did he know that he would be cementing the names of Miami's future protectors.

In the wake of the incident, Coltrane exposed the connection of the lab to the Military, causing one of the biggest military scandals in the last decade. He attempted to locate the two strange heroes but they had vanished. When they finally re-emerged, Coltrane made attempts to uncover their identities and expose them to the public. His efforts doubled as the team known as Nightwatch grew in ranks. He became obsessed with their real identities and the resemblance of Abaddon to Russell Richards. He came to the point of challenging Abaddon to disprove the rumor that he was Richards himself or his son but Abaddon never responded to the challenge.

Abaddon would end up saving Coltrane from the mob, when the reporter exposed a scandal of federal corruption with ties to the Miami mob, but this would change nothing in their relationship. Abaddon simply prevented the mob from killing Coltrane, but he still let the reporter tied up in the warehouse he was to be executed in, for the police to find a few hours later. This experience did little to endear Abaddon to Coltrane, who continued to praise and ridicule him in turns, challenging him to unmask himself and go public.


Possibly an atheist but he has yet to confirm or deny this.


  1. Technically speaking. Wasn’t sure what else to put there.