Alice Gaven
Alice Richards
Stats and Attributes
Real Name: Alice Richards
Current Alias: Alice Gaven
Aliases: -
Identity: Public
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: -
Relatives: Ryan Jeremiah Gaven (son)

Russell Richards (father) Rebecca "Becky" O'Sheah (mother, deceased) Jeremiah O'Sheah (grandfather, deceased)

Universe: - (New Earth)[1]
Base of Operations: Miami, Florida
Gender: Female
Height: 1.69 m (6' 6")
Weight: 65 ( 143.3 lbs)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusets
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Restaurant manager
Education: College graduate


Alice Richards is the only child of Russell Richards and Becky O'Sheah, a criminal pair that started out their career as small-time thieves and ring-leaders of a mob gang, known as the Syndicate. Alice was born into her parents' criminal life, just when her father was becoming notorious as a remorceful murderer. Raised mostly by Jolanda, a live-in maid and caretaker of the Richards' family, Alice grew to abhor her parents' lifestyle. When her mother was killed by police gunfire during a raid in the gang's hideout, her father seemed to lose every bit of restraint he had and began to expand his operations, even selling plans to third parties.

As her father's criminal career became nigh unstoppable because of his cunning and power, Alice began to resent her father. She had grown distant from him after Becky's death when Alice was 20 years old. She finally caved in and turned to the authorities, desperate to help them stop his rampage.

She began revealing his secrets: Locations of his havens, the names and identities of his associates and his own personal weaknesses. During this time she became close with Russell's arch nemesis, the hero known as Archangel. In the troubled times before Russell's arrest, they became close, as she needed Archangel's immediate protection. She came to know him, both as the hero and the man behind the mask: Michael Rivven, heir to one of Florida's most prosperous families. They became caught up in an affair and by the time Russell was finally arrested, Alice realized she was pregnant.

Knowing her father would make sure she was never safe, she changed her name to Alice Gaven and went into hiding in Miami. She gave birth to a son, Ryan, whom she raised by herself while working in a restaurant, first as a waitress, and later promoted to manager. Ryan was diagnosed with a serious congetical heart problem known as Erlington's Syndrome. Nevertheless, Alice was a loving and responsible mother to her son.

When Ryan was eight years old, a freak accident with a dog revealed that he had a metahuman power to control his blood and solidify it into metal--a power that superficially resembled Russell's to an alarming degree. She became disdraught, knowing that Russell's criminal acts had left a terrible scar along the East Coast and Ryan might suffer reprecussions. She went to great extents to hide Ryan's power and instill in the boy an understanding that his power must remain a secret.


Alice died at age 31, in a car accident on her way to pick Ryan up from school, when he was 10 years old.


  1. Technically speaking. Wasn’t sure what else to put there.